How The Pandemic Impacted Air Passenger Visitors in 2020

WMB Travel Pro How-The-Pandemic-Impacted-Air-Passenger-Traffic-in-2020.jpgfit1097631ssl1 How The Pandemic Impacted Air Passenger Visitors in 2020

How Journey was Affected

The report finds that 2020 noticed the tip of worldwide traveler site visitors development after 21 years, because the final time passenger ranges had been this low was 1999. On a year-over-year foundation, journey site visitors was down by 67% from 2019. 

Because of the decline in traveler demand, airways had been compelled to drastically scale back flights. The report finds that airways minimize scheduled flights by practically half in 2020 to 16.8 million flights, in contrast with 33.2 million in 2019.

For perspective, the best journey day in 2020 was January 3rd (pre-pandemic) by which 95,000 scheduled passenger flights took off globally. Submit-pandemic on April 25th, 13,600 flights took off, marking an 86% discount in flights. 

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