Discrete Smell Proof Odorless Bag with Easy Use Combination Lock – The Perfect Stash Box, Medicine Container and Storage…

Amazon.com Price: $19.97 (as of 25/09/2021 06:53 PST- Details)

ODOR PROOF STASH BOX – NO ESCAPE FOR SMELLS: Whether at home, while travelling or for transporting your strong odor accessories, the KIBAGA smell proof case with its 8-layer advanced carbon technology is your discreet storage solution for odor intensive storage
VERSATILE SMELL PROOF CASE: The 8.5×5.5×4.5” large smell proof bag is super practicable for various applications; use it as lock box or in general as a smell proof container for your stash, herbs, spices, or your lunch! It keeps odors sealed up tight, while also maintaining the flavor of the contents
COMPLETELY SECURE: Thanks to the simple combination lock, the smell proof stash bag offers maximum protection; it’s your business what’s in the bag – and the security lock ensures it stays this way

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